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//The Final Arabian Night

The Final Arabian Night

intermedia concert

The central idea of the project is to show the relation between real and virtual worlds (in video games). The concert consists of two separate music pieces performed by a woman and a man, that eventually create a harmonious duo. The project borrows from the story of Scheherezade; it is a metaphor in which Scheherezade represents a video game, and Shahryār – a player experiencing through her the delights of virtual world. Here, Scheherezade is an animation projected onto a specially constructed scenography in the form of symmetrical triptych, with a dress in its central part, biggest and pushed slightly forward. Shahryār performs his piece live in front of the audience. Animations that appear on Scheherezade’s dress change with music and lyrics, creating an impression of both worlds (real and virtual) affect each other.


This project is informed by the idea of Gesamkunstwerk (“synthesis of the arts”) and the “experiencing” of video games.

Scheherezade: Zofia Garganisz
Shahryār: Adam Kutny
mapping and animation: Arek Zub
guitar: Szymon Mechliński
music: Ewa Sadowska
based on: “Mucha w szklance lemoniady” (Fly in a glass of lemonade) and “Wyznanie kalifa, czyli o mocy baśni” (Confession of a Caliph, or on the power of fairy tales) by Jacek Kaczmarski

concert perform:
2014, Mariacka Gallery, CK Katowice
2014, Diplomas’14, WTC, Poznań
publication: 2015, catalogue, D_14., UAP, ISBN 978-83-63533-67-0

2014 master of arts diploma